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Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses

Hi, I am Jane Thomas. I write about women’s sexuality in terms of women’s own sexual instincts to obtain male approval. Men tend to assume that women orgasm from the stimulation they provide and some women promote these ‘porno’ orgasms to obtain male sexual admiration.

My work explores the inherent contradictions in our current understanding of women’s sexuality and the unrealistic expectations we have for female orgasm.

Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses

You can buy the booklet (41 pages) ‘Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’ (ISBN 978-0956-894717) from Amazon:

Our society produces no authoritative sex information, so adults base their so-called sexual knowledge on erotic fiction. Many of these fantasies have been integrated into our adult culture.

Both Alfred Kinsey and Shere Hite were unpopular for presenting a more realistic picture of women’s sexuality. Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses provides a fresh interpretation of their findings so that a modern audience can appreciate women’s sexuality (regardless of orientation) in terms of their behaviours and their responses.

All of the text (41 articles) from Jane’s booklet ‘Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’ is available on this website Nosper.com under the top menu heading ‘WOMEN’S SEXUALITY’ (41 articles in this category).

Thanks for breaking the silence!

Your stories are always thought provoking. Karl

As always, your insight and observations are interesting. Dipak

Just wanted to thank you in person. I love your posts – open honest and informative. Jin-ah

I thought I knew a lot about women and sex. You’ve showed me that I know nothing. Woodshop

I wish more women were outspoken like you! I’ve read some of your articles, you are a big turn on! Kevin

I love reading what you have to say. You understand men well – you are interesting and tuned in. David K.

Jane, I find you interesting. I appreciate your candour and perspective on a subject that is very important. Tony

Hello Ms Jane, Your helpful advice & pleasuring techniques to enhance the joy for both partners is much needed. Tavinder

Great articles that should help to enhance a couple’s enjoyment of their most intimate moments. Thanks to Jane Thomas! Roberto

I have enjoyed reading your website and agree with just about everything you’ve written. Which is really nice & reassuring! Joannah

In Indian society discussing sexual topics is taboo. But I feel one should understand human sexuality for our own wellbeing. Your bold writing is good Jane! Debashis

Your website is so alluring – all the images and content. Like porn in how exciting it feels but not trashy at all. You’ve done a great job with it. It’s a very classy site! Bill

JT, Interesting to hear your perspective. With similar experiences, I applaud your efforts to inform. congrats on this site. I appreciate it. Muito obrigado, Abraco, Nathaniel

There’s a reality here that we haven’t begun to explore. Jane is helping to cut an opening into what is basically an entirely unexplored jungle. Where will it lead? God knows, but we need to find out. Mister Badger

This is a great topic to share about, eternally interesting to get people to come out and discuss it like gardening. Then we all wouldn’t be so isolated in our own secrecy thinking everyone else has it better and something is wrong with us. Hurrah! Ave