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Learn About Sexuality

Hi, I am Jane Thomas, author of LearnAboutSexuality.org.

I present the anatomical and evolutionary precedents for responsiveness. I provide a detailed comparison of the techniques used by men and women to achieve orgasm.

I explain the very different sexual behaviours men and women employ. I discuss the sex research findings and suggest reasons why they may have been misinterpreted.

Learn About Sexuality

You can buy the paperback ‘Learn About Sexuality’ (ISBN 978-0956-894748) from Amazon:

Learn About Sexuality provides information about sexuality:

  • Biological: reproduction, sex and gender; responsiveness, orientation and personality; and sexual anatomy & development of both sexes.
  • Emotional: engaging in intercourse; non-sexual intimacy; and our willingness to consent to sexual activity with others.
  • Intellectual: our motivation to explore sexual fantasies; masturbation alone; and how we can achieve orgasm alone and with a lover.
  • Social: interacting with others in return for payment or other non-relationship rewards; committed relationships; and sexual pleasuring.

All of the text (132 articles) from Jane’s book ‘Learn About Sexuality’ is replicated on the website LearnAboutSexuality.org under the top menu headings: BIOLOGICAL, EMOTIONAL, INTELLECTUAL & SOCIAL (33 articles in each category).

Thanks so much for your support!

A comprehensive, research-based educational resource and brave endeavour!Manish

Your posts are critically important! I’m 66 and I’m still learning because of you. Steven S.
I really do appreciate your research and extensive knowledge. You are quite impressive. Dr Rosalinda

Jane, You are a great educator. You teach well & you are an expert on sexual topics! I love the way you educate. Marco

Hello, you have a perfect website. I support your efforts to educate women and keep them informed about sex education. Zrak Sh.

I just checked out your websites – what a wealth of information! Your facts will help clear up so many superstitions & fears! Deidre

It’s easy to navigate. Articles are well laid out. Works very well on a mobile device…also like the bold first letter at the start of each essay. Dipak

Hello Jane and thanks. I am a supporter of issues that need to be talked about, make people think & discuss. So thank you very much again. Cageyone

I enjoy reading your articles. They are informative, factual, thought provoking (in a positive way) and practical. Keep up the great work and keep posting! Mike

We don’t have to like everything you say to begin to appreciate its power and wisdom. Sometimes our education and the truth are just outside of our mental comfort zone. Wael

Hi Jane. How refreshing to read your posts. I agree wholeheartedly with everything. The amount of misinformation and misunderstandings about sex and sexuality is huge. Larry S.

Jane, I really do think you are onto something. You like Kinsey speak so much sense and truth. I have been a reader of your work for over two years now. Keep up the great work! Shaun

Every day I see your article. Sometimes I read. Sometimes not. I appreciate you for your efforts to make a happy life. I wish your good Health and Success. Take care. Best Wishes! Rabiul

Highly appreciate your work, research and contribution. You can always count on me, because as a woman I feel you’re bringing change which is highly needed. I wish you best of luck in your endeavors. Soonitee

I just wanted to thank you for so generously sharing such a wealth of helpful, thought-provoking information in such a nice, concise presentation. I immediately thought of several patients and supervisees I want to recommend your book to! Cheers! Ricky