Jane Thomas

Jane has researched sexuality for many years. Her articles give examples from real life so that the reader can learn from others. She uses straightforward language and all the images are non-pornographic.

Jane provides constructive sex advice for free because she believes that access to unbiased sex education is a basic human right. She suggests ideas for sex play and helps couples with issues that arise in long-term sexual relationships. Her books are on Amazon.

Anyone, who has orgasms, can explain explicitly how they achieve them. Jane asks women to explain the turn-ons, the anatomy and the stimulation technique involved in orgasm, thereby differentiating between sexual response and emotional rewards with a lover.

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Female Responsiveness

Jane provides scientific (non-anecdotal) evidence in support of her conclusions by:

  • interpreting the research findings, to adjust for the erroneous assumptions made
  • explaining the biological precedents relating to genitals and responsiveness
  • discussing how men and women’s sexual behaviours reflect their responsiveness
  • defining how orgasm is achieved by anyone regardless of sex and orientation
  • presenting female masturbation (to orgasm), which emulates male response
  • demonstrating that no one can explain porno orgasms rationally (in terms of erotic turn-ons and consistent anatomy).

Porno orgasms are those women fake (by emulating porno actresses) as a turn-on and to reassure male ego, which are not supported by any facts, logic or research findings.