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Jane presents on ‘Sexual Pleasure’ to the Royal Society of Medicine, London, with speaker notes!

I hope my websites:, and and indicate my interest in promoting ways for men and women to live together in harmony by understanding each other’s very different emotional needs. Nosper Books is the self-publishing trade name I use for my books.

Nosper is an anagram of the word PERSON. It is deliberate that Nospers are identical and that the item distinguishing them as male or female is trivial. The addition of the ribbon ribbonor the bow-tie bowtiechanges how we view their capabilities. The point being that gender influences our lives, sometimes for biological reasons, other times for cultural reasons.

As a young woman, I had the impression that men and women were the same. Initially the differences are subtle but they become more apparent as we grow older. It’s possible that we become more vocal about expressing our views over time and more confident in behaving as we are naturally inclined to do. Understanding these fundamental differences in men and women’s emotional needs can help couples in long-term relationships. We feel loved when we receive what we need emotionally. But loving someone is not about satisfying our own needs. We need to give a lover what they need.

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Men often enjoy more solitary pursuits and they see their own personal success as core to how others value them. For men, intimacy revolves around their sex life with a lover. Men hope a partner will contribute enthusiastically to their intimate time together: sharing fantasies, adventurous sex play and affection.

Women often enjoy more companionable pursuits and they value their relationships as an essential part of their lives. For women, intimacy involves affectionate companionship. Women hope a partner will contribute enthusiastically to their intimate time together: sharing a sense of humour, conversation and affection.

Men and women cooperate together over marriage and family. But many women dislike any discussion involving references to genital activity outside lovemaking. It is difficult for women to appreciate what sexual pleasure means to men. Sex should be discussed as much as any other topic that is vital to human emotional happiness. We need to learn how the opposite sex experiences intimacy and how men and women’s very different emotional needs are satisfied.

Women’s sexual health

Amnesty International campaign to end Female Genital Mutilation:- FGM comprises all procedures involving partial/total removal of or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

In most European countries women have the RIGHT to an abortion in the first 12 weeks:- EXCEPT Ireland (only to save the life of the mother), Poland, Spain, Portugal, Finland & Britain.

Women’s Self Defense:- Stalking is when a person becomes fearful of their safety because someone is repeatedly pursuing, harassing, and/or following them.

Excerpt from A Hand Full of Cards (ISBN 978-0956-894731)