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Ways Women Orgasm

Hi, I am Jane – founder of WaysWomenOrgasm.org. I write about the sexual experiences of real women in the population in the context of the researchers findings.

My focus is on helping women, and their lovers, who have not found answers elsewhere. I am challenging the sex advice given to women, which I believe is wrong.

Ways Women Orgasm

You can buy the paperback ‘Ways Women Orgasm’ (ISBN 978-0956-894700) from Amazon:

Ways Women Orgasm explores the contradictions in our current interpretation of women’s sexuality and the unrealistic expectations we have for female orgasm. Jane has the intellect to challenge the status quo and the courage to demand answers. She differentiates between erotic fiction and the much less popular facts and logic that support a scientific understanding of our sexuality.

Ways Women Orgasm presents real women’s sexual experiences:

  • What real women say: Real women respond very differently to how women are portrayed in pornography and other erotic fiction.
  • Orgasm techniques: A woman has to use erotic turn-ons (just as men do) to achieve the kind of sexual arousal that leads to orgasm.
  • The politics of sex: Women boast about orgasm as a male turn-on. These are not realistic accounts of how women truly orgasm.
  • Men & sex play: Women can make more of their sex lives by exploring techniques and ideas for more adventurous sex play.

All the text (132 articles) from Jane’s book ‘Ways Women Orgasm’ is replicated on the website WaysWomenOrgasm.org under the top menu headings: REAL WOMEN, ORGASM TECHNIQUES, SEXUAL POLITICS & SEX PLAY (33 articles in each category).

Thanks to all my fans!

Dear Jane, I admire the work you have done. Phillip

Thank you for your work. It is much appreciated. Blake

A comprehensive, research-based educational resource and brave endeavour! Manish

I salute your courage on these subjects. Specially difficult in Eastern Societies. Thank you. Alaa

I really do appreciate your research and extensive knowledge. You are quite impressive. Dr Rosalinda

Thanks Jane, I appreciate learning the facts even though they seem somehow harsh to swallow. Hugs José

I am really thankful to you for your articles, which I read regularly. They are helpful & reveal so many myths. Anil

I’ve enjoyed reading your website and agree with just about everything you’ve written. Which is really nice & reassuring! Joannah

Thank you for creating a site where both women and men can learn and share experiences about the most basic of human needs. Ann

Let us enjoy and savour life. I invite you to read some very wise words about eroticism from a very knowledgeable lady. Thanks to Jane Thomas! Roberto

In Indian society discussing sexual topics is taboo. But I feel one should understand human sexuality for our own wellbeing. Your bold writing is good Jane! Debashis

Dear Jane, your work is fabulous! As a psychologist, your information has really been a great asset in helping my clients. Thank you for all you do!! Sincerely, Dr Rosalinda

We don’t have to like everything you say to begin to appreciate its power and wisdom. Sometimes our education and the truth are just outside of our mental comfort zone. Wael

Thank you so much Jane. You deserve immense love from my side for being such an excellent writer. It a privilege for me to go through your writings. Looking forward to greater learnings through your books. Monica

I just wanted to thank you for so generously sharing such a wealth of helpful, thought-provoking information in such a nice, concise presentation. I immediately thought of several patients and supervisees I want to recommend your book to! Cheers! Ricky