Men’s sexual satisfaction relies on having a lover

Men’s sexual satisfaction relies on having a lover

The key purpose of sex is to effect reproduction, which is done via intercourse. So men’s sexuality has to include a need to engage in sexual activity with a partner. Male responsiveness is required for intercourse to be possible and their orgasm triggers the reproductive event (ejaculation of sperm). Women’s sexuality does not have the same need for a lover. Female responsiveness has nothing to do with the reproductive process. From a reproductive perspective, a woman only needs to be willing to co-operate with men’s desire for intercourse. Most women only agree to do this in combination with a loving relationship and, typically, support for a family.

A man’s arousal is caused by the presence of an attractive partner, especially one who dresses or behaves in a way that is intended to attract male attention. A man is aroused by a lover’s body, their genitals and their behaviour. As they reach old age, most men stop masturbating before they stop engaging in intercourse. The real-world erotic turn-ons of a lover’s body and the pleasure of penetrative sex, cause men to experience much stronger arousal than they do by imagining the same situation during masturbation alone.

A man is dependent on a woman’s body both for his arousal, for his sexual release and for the satisfaction of ejaculating into a vagina. But a man does not fulfil the same role for a woman. Being unaroused means that a woman is merely a bystander. Intercourse is the male equivalent of female masturbation except that a man needs a lover to enjoy his best orgasms. If a man knows that his lover masturbates, he should respect her solitary pleasure. Allowing a responsive woman the space to enjoy orgasm is a way of compensating her for the many times that only the man has an orgasm.

Many men travel away from home for their work. They do this willingly because they are less attached to their family relationships. In these circumstances, a man is exposed to many erotic turn-ons that may arouse him. This includes attractive potential partners who may be sexually amenable. Some men give into temptation and have extra-marital affairs. But many men remain sexually loyal. So when they have to, many men appear to be able to do without sex fairly happily sometimes for weeks at a time.

It’s possible that sex drive, rather than being an irresistible sexual urge, depends on the availability of a willing partner. Men expect to have regular sex with their partner. This expectation means they are frustrated when their partner is physically present but not sexually willing. The expectation comes from women’s general amenability and willingness to keep men happy. Women are pressured by the acceptance of regular intercourse as a marital duty, attitudes in society that women should provide for the needs of others and, of course, male propaganda that women should enjoy intercourse.

The wonderful thing about sex (compared with artificial highs) is that there are no addictive aspects. But sex does rely on having an amenable partner. This is the issue of consent. A physically stronger man can insist on intercourse with a woman if he catches her alone. This is why young women have only been able to move about safely very recently in our social history.

Even though a man has to seduce or persuade a woman into having sex, he cannot accept that she may see the activity in a different light. This is equivalent to a carnivore assuming that his victims want to be eaten. It is clearly the lot of vegetarians, herbivores and smaller carnivores to be eaten by larger carnivores. But most animals fight for their lives. Likewise, a woman fights off unwanted suitors. She needs to find a man attractive as a mate and be assured of his protection before she wants to mate with him.

Having a good time for a woman involves a nice meal, perhaps a movie and some pleasant companionship. A man can also appreciate such activities but only once he has had the opportunity to release the sexual tension he has accumulated throughout the day or week. A woman doesn’t experience this sexual need or consequent frustration. She doesn’t need orgasm in the way a man does. It’s very evident to most women that men want sex for their own pleasure as well as the relief they obtain from the sexual frustration that builds up when they are frequently aroused without access to penetrative sex. Women see evidence of men’s gratitude in terms of their willingness to pay.

Swinging used to be called wife swapping. It is still an activity that is driven by men with women supporting. Men enjoy the opportunity for intercourse with multiple partners. Women just enjoy being admired. As with all forms of casual sex, swinging focuses on intercourse and male orgasm.

Rich men around the world maintain wives and mistresses. Some very rich men have hareems. References to women’s sexual role in providing male pleasure can be embarrassing for those women who work alongside men professionally.

Heterosexual men are never put in the position of being treated like a sexual commodity. The closest analogy is when a man of European race calls a man of African race ‘boy’. We feel humiliated when we are patronised by an arrogant person who considers themselves to be naturally superior. When a man sexually appraises a woman’s body, she is frustrated because she cannot retaliate by treating a man in the same way. Women (even lesbians) are not aroused by anatomy as men are. Women experience emotional (not erotic) attraction towards a lover because they feel a nurturing affection for a lover. Women have no need for sexual activity of any kind. But providing sex for an appreciative lover may cause some women to feel emotionally rewarded.

It wasn’t until I actually got married that I realized that, day in day out, this man I was now committed to dating every single day of my life also wanted sex (nearly) every day of his life. (Joan Sewell)

Excerpt from Learn About Sexuality (ISBN 978-0956-894748)