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Welcome to the Members’ Forum! This page is dedicated to members only for sharing ideas on how women can get more out of their sexual relationships with men. Please show your support by leaving a positive comment.

Let’s face it, very few couples are lucky enough to have a sexual relationship where they can talk openly about female sexual arousal and orgasm. Ways Women Orgasm is for couples who are looking for ways to improve on what they already have.

If you are in a long-term sexual relationship of any kind then you are probably unusual. If you have moved beyond missionary style intercourse and can discuss more general pleasuring as a couple then you are almost certainly exceptional.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Ways Women Orgasm PROVOKES debate by offering a DIFFERENT view to other sources. Tell me if you disagree but please provide a reasoned explanation that tallies with the facts of women’s sexuality, together with supporting evidence either from women’s real life experiences or from the published conclusions of the experts.

If you have not found any answers elsewhere you may find my more logical presentation helpful. If not, then no harm done. Women should feel free to share their experiences whatever they are. At the end of the day much of what is said about sex is purely opinion. If we are to find a common basis for discussion, we have to first find other people who share our own opinions.

Ultimately the aim is for Ways Women Orgasm to facilitate an open and constructive dialogue, covering questions or experiences from women and their partners, who are interested in understanding more about female sexuality.

Please feel free to ask or share as you like…

Ways Women Orgasm – the sexuality forum where female orgasm matters

There is a scene in the film ‘The Chicken Run’ (2000) where Ginger, our hero, returns from solitary confinement after her umpteenth escape failure. Another chicken tentatively suggests that, since the chances of them breaking out of the chicken farm are evidently ‘a million to one against’, perhaps Ginger should consider giving up on her dream.

A demoralised Ginger pauses to reflect for a moment and then quietly but resolutely, replies: ‘Then there’s still a chance!’ What a girl! At times, my experience of trying to bring more realism to modern day sex information has felt a little like the prospect of escaping from a concentration camp: so impossible that it has seemed futile even to try.

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Ways Women Orgasm is not offering specialist advice about sexual problems. Lack of female orgasm during sex is rarely a dysfunction. It is simply a normal state of affairs for any woman who realises that something is missing from sex. Unless diagnosed with a specific medical condition, every woman can assume that she and her sexual experiences are quite normal.