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A Hand Full of Cards

Hi, I am Jane Thomas, the sex researcher and sex educator.

I am the author of Nosper.com, WaysWomenOrgasm.org and LearnAboutSexuality.org. This book is foremost a personal project and tells the story of my childhood. It provides insights into my character and formative experiences, which have made my research work possible. The book may also help the reader understand what has motivated me to work so hard and for so little reward in such a taboo area of the human experience.

A Hand Full of cards

You can buy the paperback ‘A Hand Full of Cards’ (ISBN 978-0956-894731) from Amazon:

Even as a teenager, I had questions about sex. Years later when I sought advice, I was shocked by the defensive attitudes and misinformation I met with. I have the intellect to challenge the status quo and the courage to demand answers. I differentiate between erotic fiction and the much less popular facts and logic that support a scientific understanding of our sexuality.

This is the only one of my books where the content has not been replicated on the web. This is because the book relates personal details of my childhood and my family. It is unlikely to be of universal interest. But the book does contain some details of my observations, thoughts and experiences relating to sexuality as I was growing up.

Thanks so much for your support!

Thank you for your work. It is much appreciated. Blake

I salute your courage on these subjects. Specially difficult in Eastern Societies. Thank you. Alaa

Interesting to hear your perspective. With similar experiences, I applaud your efforts to inform. Nathaniel

Your contribution is so incredibly helpful and your posts are educational, helpful and needed! Thanks, Ellie

The more appropriate information that is out there the more people will make wise choices – safe ones. Theresa

You are great Jane. Your contribution to society is motivating​ all of us. Thank you so much for being with us. Yadav

I find it refreshing for someone to be so direct and honest in their approach. Your writing is easy to read, but very interesting. Vernon

I have enjoyed your messages for some time now, thank you for sharing your personal experience too, very bold, best wishes to you! Geoffrey P.

I’ve enjoyed following Jane’s blog spot immensely! Her point of view is quite challenging and has expanded my horizons of how I see sexuality. Pakehamack

Jane, It really takes courage to go public on the kind of projects you are pursuing. I compliment you on your strong spirit. Love, regards, and best wishes, Virendra

You are saving a lot of marriages but many couples will not appreciate it. You write about these topics that most of our society ignores. I’m proud of you! Muhammad

I have to say I love your sexuality posts, including your candour and personal sexual history used as a basis for explaining all things sexual, keep up the good work Jane! Lester

Most men talk generally & make non-personal comments about sex. They only suggest that successful happenings are personal. But problems are surrounded by silence. Andreas

I absolutely adore and love your articles. I find them extremely helpful. Respect what you write about…. Thank you for sharing this with many women and men that are interested in learning more. I love it!!!! Stephanie K.

Ach, Jane, I fear you’re promoting a message that people have been conditioned into not wanting to hear. You’re doing a great job, though – keep it up & perhaps folk will start to admit that you’re making sense of something that drives so much frustration and misunderstanding. Mister Badger