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About the author

Jane Thomas provides comprehensive and authoritative adult sex education for free. She discusses sexual response, talks about sex play and helps couples understand the emotional and sexual needs of the opposite sex. You can find her books on Amazon.

Please feel free to connect with Jane on Twitter, ResearchGate, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Mastodon or via email!

Jane’s research work involves providing the evidence for her conclusions by:

  • Presenting evolutionary precedents
  • Contrasting men & women’s sexual behaviours
  • Explaining how orgasm is achieved
  • Interpreting the research findings
  • Demonstrating that no one can explain porno orgasms rationally (in terms of erotic turn-ons and consistent anatomy).

Note: porno orgasms are those orgasms women appear to have in erotic fiction and pornography that are not supported by any facts, logic or research findings.