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Welcome to the work of Jane Thomas

Nosper.com presents the work of sex educator & researcher, Jane Thomas, founder of WaysWomenOrgasm.org, LearnAboutSexuality.org and LoveSexIntimacy.org.

Jane’s work includes the evidence for her conclusions: (1) Presenting the evolutionary precedents (2) Contrasting sexual behaviours according to sex and orientation (3) Explaining how orgasm is achieved regardless of sex and orientation (4) Interpreting the sex research findings (5) Demonstrating that no one can explain porno orgasms. Note: Porno orgasms are those that we see women apparently having with a lover in erotic fiction and pornography (that are unsupported by any facts, logic or research findings).

You can follow Jane’s daily discussion of sexuality on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram! Or alternatively, you can read her books and watch her videos. You can also contact Jane directly by email!

In the top menu, you will find the following:

  • Jane’s story: Articles from Jane’s book ‘A Hand Full of Cards’. Jane talks about her formative experiences growing up to help others appreciate her motivation to understand sexuality.
  • Nosper dialogues: Text-based videos (Powerpoint gif files) that document conversations on the topic of sexuality between Jane and members of the public or sex professionals.
  • Quotes: Quotations from authors (other than Jane) including: Alfred Kinsey, Shere Hite and many others who have written about different aspects of sexuality and relationships.
  • Jane’s quotes: Quotations from Jane’s websites (which replicate her published books). Also testimonials from members of the public or sex professionals who have praised Jane’s work.

You can explore the quotes by searching or browsing. With the search facility, you can type your own queries just like on Google. Browsing is even simpler. The website suggests tags that you can click on to discover more

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