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Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses (2013)

Hi, I am Jane Thomas. I write about women’s sexuality in terms of their conscious behaviours as well as their erotic responsiveness (ability to reach orgasm).

The responses of arousal and orgasm arise subconsciously. But sexual behaviours involve more conscious decisions: we choose to masturbate alone and how we explore sex play with a lover.

Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses

‘Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’ (ISBN 9780956894717) is a booklet of 41 pages. The articles appear under ‘Women’s Sexuality’ in the top menu of Nosper.com.

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‘Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’ builds on the work of Alfred Kinsey and Shere Hite because they presented a more realistic picture of women’s sexuality. This book provides a fresh interpretation of their findings so that a modern audience can appreciate women’s sexuality (regardless of orientation) in terms of their sexual behaviours and their true genital responses.

Our society produces no authoritative sex information so adults base their so-called sexual knowledge on erotic fiction. Many of these fantasies have become accepted as part of our adult culture. Men like to assume women have orgasms from the stimulation they provide. Some women promote these ‘porno’ orgasms to obtain male approval.

Thanks for breaking the silence!

Dear Jane, I admire the work you have done. Phillip

I think your Awesome. Not afraid to say what you think. Robert B.

Wow. Very few people will dive into such a difficult truth for so many. Thanks! Nina

A comprehensive, research-based educational resource and brave endeavour! Manish

I salute your courage on these subjects. Specially difficult in Eastern Societies. Thank you. Alaa

You have a fascinating area of study. It’s a wonderful contribution to people’s happiness James R.

Such great work you are doing. You will surely go far. You are doing wonderful things. Dr Rosalinda

Dearest Jane, Your Posts / Articles appearing here are Amazingly True, as found after discussing with my wife. Hearty Congrats. Dave

Love your work! I just know your material is sound and necessary and I’m glad you’re out there! Thank you again- your research is so valuable to me❤ Colleen

JT, Interesting to hear your perspective. With similar experiences, I applaud your efforts to inform. congrats on this site. I appreciate it. Muito obrigado, Abraco, Nathaniel

I like what you’ve written here. I find it refreshing for someone to be so direct and honest in their approach. Your writing is easy to read, but very interesting. Glad I found this site… Vernon C.

Men need to pay more attention to the fact that women are truly different, and women need to understand that they have no idea what men mean by sex drive. It’s not just a figure of speech ! Whatserface

Understanding that women don’t have a ‘sex drive’ is worth it for men because they can free themselves from the feeling that they, individually, are somehow ‘not up to snuff’. Women are just like that. Mister Badger

This is a great topic to share about, eternally interesting to get people to come out and discuss it like gardening. Then we all wouldn’t be so isolated in our own secrecy thinking everyone else has it better and something is wrong with us. Hurrah! Ave

Ach, Jane, I fear you’re promoting a message that people have been conditioned into not wanting to hear. You’re doing a great job, though – keep it up & perhaps folk will start to admit that you’re making sense of something that drives so much frustration and misunderstanding. Mister Badger

Hi Jane, So far, what I have read on your website, I find accurate. I think many women also find it accurate and the reality of it is disturbing. If sex education was REALLY taught to girls, not REPRODUCTIVE education, we would be better off, because we would know the FACTS, not the FICTION about sex. Peanut

I am a 36-year-old male and I just want to say that I really appreciate your ideas and your work. What I truly like and admire is your honesty. After having read a few of the stories here, I can say that they are much more logically consistent with real life — than other sources on the Internet. That is why I want to express my support for your website, which is one of the most useful and realistic sites about sexuality I have seen so far. I wish you good luck in what you do. Severin