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Sexuality & Sexual Techniques (2015)

Hi, I am Jane Thomas. My key focus is long-term heterosexual relationships. I write about sexual techniques and sex play that focus on pleasuring women.

I try to bring some common sense to sex. I recommend a sense of humour and a sense of fun to heterosexual couples who hope to enjoy an active sex life over decades together.

Sexuality & Sexual Techniques

‘Sexuality & Sexual Techniques’ (ISBN 9780956894724) is a booklet of 41 pages. The articles appear under ‘Sexuality & Techniques’ in the top menu of Nosper.com.

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‘Sexuality & Sexual Techniques’ discusses strategies to help couples make their sex life even better by understanding men and women’s different sexual and emotional needs. The mating act (intercourse) lies at the heart of men’s sexual drive. So heterosexual women’s sexuality, as well as their orgasmic ability, has traditionally always been defined in terms of intercourse.

Alfred Kinsey’s findings contradicted popular beliefs about how and when women should orgasm. This book follows on from his work, which remains the most comprehensive and authoritative account of sexuality we have. Men need to make sex a more attractive option for a woman by broadening their sexual techniques beyond intercourse.

To all of those brave enough to comment!

Just stopping by to say hi and thank you for all you do. You are an amazing woman! Art

Your posts are critically important! I’m 66 and I’m still learning because of you. Steven S.

I wish more women were outspoken like you! I’ve read some of your articles, you are a big turn on! Kevin

Dear Jane, People like you give the world a new dimension of thinking and make life better. Good job! Best, Vivek

You are great Jane. Your contribution to society is motivating​ all of us. Thank you so much for being with us. Yadav

Love reading what you have to say. You understand men well – I love your posts. You are interesting and tuned in. David K.

I’ve enjoyed reading your website and agree with just about everything you’ve written. Which is really nice & reassuring! Joannah

A great reference guide for those challenged by elusive sexual satisfactions. Thank you, i have referred several women to your site. Joseph R.

I have enjoyed your messages for some time now, thank you for sharing your personal experience too, very bold, best wishes to you 🙂 Geoffrey P.

Jane, It really takes courage to go public on the kind of projects you are pursuing. I compliment you on your strong spirit. Love, regards, and best wishes, Virendra

I’ve enjoyed following Jane’s blog spot immensely! Her point of view is quite challenging and has expanded my horizons of how I see human sexuality. Pakehamack

Your website is so alluring – all the images and content. Like porn in how exciting it feels but not trashy at all. You’ve done a great job with it. It’s a very classy site! Bill

Hi Jane. How refreshing to read your posts. I agree wholeheartedly with everything. The amount of misinformation and misunderstandings about sex and sexuality is huge. Larry S.

Hi Jane, A quickie… Just a short message to thank you for your brutal candour and honesty. I’ve now read your Ways Women Orgasm book and loved it. Your regular posts etc are brilliant. Regards Carlos

There’s a reality here that we haven’t begun to explore. Jane is helping to cut an opening into what is basically an entirely unexplored jungle. Where will it lead? God knows, but we need to find out. Mister Badger

Love your work! Your research is so valuable to me! I just know your material is sound and necessary and I’m glad you’re out there! I will continue to see your videos for the content which is so necessary (especially for therapists) – it has helped me go more into depth with my clients. Thank you for sharing your research and wisdom.❤ Colleen

I feel ashamed that for as long as I’ve been married I am just now learning these things about a woman. It makes me understand how truly selfish I as a husband have been! I am also reminded that men are CONSTANTLY bombarded by lies about women and relationships in one way or another. TV, media, pornography, etc.… It is SO SO easy to have unreal expectations of a woman and hence become selfish as we live in such a ‘what can you do for me’ type of society. This blog should be required reading starting in high school and an exam should be taken before a man is married! Jane, this blog is truly a Godsend for me, thanks again! David