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Learn About Sexuality (2021)

Hi, I am Jane – founder of LearnAboutSexuality.org. I write about sex in explicit detail to help others appreciate the issues involved in understanding human sexuality.

I am passionate about combatting sexual ignorance. I make my work available via the internet to encourage discussion of the issues by the widest possible audience.

Learn About Sexuality

The website LearnAboutSexuality.org presents the text of ‘Learn About Sexuality’ (currently draft) to be published in 2021.

Learn About Sexuality presents the anatomical and evolutionary precedents for responsiveness. It provides a detailed comparison of the techniques used by men and women to achieve orgasm and explains the very different sexual behaviours men and women employ. The book also presents the sex research findings and suggests reasons for why they may have been misinterpreted.

Learn About Sexuality provides information about sexuality:

  • Biological: reproduction, sex and gender; responsiveness, orientation and personality; and sexual anatomy & development of both sexes.
  • Emotional: engaging in intercourse; non-sexual intimacy; and our willingness to consent to sexual activity with others.
  • Intellectual: our motivation to explore sexual fantasies; masturbation alone; and how we can achieve orgasm alone and with a lover.
  • Social: interacting with others in return for payment or other non-relationship rewards; committed relationships; and sexual pleasuring.
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    Thank you for your work. It is much appreciated. Blake

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    Hi Jane, I love your website and what you are doing. I will refer my clients to it. DrJan

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    Thanks Jane, I appreciate learning the facts even though they seem somehow harsh to swallow. Hugs José

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    Love your work and writing, Jane! Thank you for your efforts and all you do to promote sex-positivity and comprehensive education for all – much appreciated! Trey

    Keep fighting for the truth Jane, no matter how uncomfortable it may make people feel and how many taboos it challenges. The truth will always be appreciated eventually. Blackwell

    Jane, I really do think you are onto something. You like Kinsey speak so much sense and truth. I have been a reader of your work for over two years now. Keep up the great work! Shaun

    I absolutely adore and love your articles. I find them extremely helpful. Respect what you write about…. Thank you for sharing this with many women and men that are interested in learning more. I love it!!!! Stephanie K.

    I enjoy reading your articles and perspectives, Jane. It provides good material to think and reflect on, and I agree that you need to be courageous to do what you’re doing! I give you all the encouragement and admiration in the world! Terri

    Hello Jane, Your information regarding definition of sex and emotions are tremendous. I most appreciate it. You have very vast knowledge of everything that is impressive. It is simply excellent I love it. Please continue to share such a rare information. Thanks Saif

    Your work matches my lifelong hunches, borne out by my imperfect observation. I appreciate the neutral, measured way you present the information, considering it is such a potentially charged topic. Your level-headed delivery comes off as helpfully trustworthy & authoritative. Paweł

    G’day to you Jane! Great respect for your accomplishments and successes, your talent to explain the seemingly inexplicable, your expertise and experience, and particularly your persistence, innovation and dedicated determination to get the job done, good onya cobber! All the best – Dixie