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About the posts

Nosper.com presents the work of sex educator & researcher, Jane Thomas, founder of WaysWomenOrgasm.org, LearnAboutSexuality.org and LoveSexIntimacy.org.

Jane provides educational information on sexuality (with an emphasis on sexual response) and discusses some of the sexual issues that arise in long-term relationships.

Jane’s daily feed includes the following:
  • Articles from Jane’s websites (which replicate the content of her books)
  • Quotes from Jane’s books as well as testimonials by the public & professionals
  • Quotes from other authors who have written about sexuality and relationships
  • Nosper dialogues: text-based videos of discussions on the topic of sexuality
  • Thought for the day: challenging the universal sexual ignorance in our society including videos of Jane presenting to an audience on the topic of sexuality

Note: Jane owns the rights to all images used.