Nosper Books presents articles from Jane’s second book ‘Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’ and her third book ‘Sexuality & Sexual Techniques’. Both of these booklets are 41 pages long.

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Hi, I am Jane Thomas. I write about sex and sexuality. My work challenges the current information given to women about their sexuality, which I believe is wrong.

Given our society produces no authoritative sex information, adults derive their so-called sexual knowledge from erotic fiction. Many of these fantasies have become fully accepted as part of our adult culture.

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Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses

Jane’s work builds on that of Alfred Kinsey and Shere Hite because, unlike other researchers who assume that real women should respond as portrayed in fictional media, they presented a more realistic picture of women’s sexuality.

The sexual responses of arousal and orgasm arise subconsciously. But sexual behaviours involve more conscious decisions: we choose to enjoy our own responsiveness alone and how we explore sex play with a lover.

Sexuality & Sexual Techniques

Alfred Kinsey’s findings contradicted popular beliefs about how and when women should orgasm. This book follows on from his work, which remains the most comprehensive and authoritative account of sexuality we have.

This book also discusses strategies to help couples make their sex life even better by understanding men and women’s different sexual and emotional needs. It promotes ideas for a variety of techniques beyond intercourse.

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