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Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’

Jane’s second book ‘Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’ proposes some ANSWERS to the questions posed in her first book ‘Ways Women Orgasm’, by providing some logical explanations for women’s sexuality.

‘Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’ (published 2013) sets out a complete explanation for women’s sexuality based on Jane’s own research work plus an interpretation of the work of Alfred Kinsey and Shere Hite.

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‘Sexuality & Sexual Techniques’

Jane’s third book ‘Sexuality & Sexual Techniques’ presents some of the defining char­ac­ter­istics of male and female sexu­ality as highlighted by Alfred Kinsey.

‘Sexuality & Sexual Techniques’ (published 2015) also discusses some of the issues that arise in longer term heterosexual relationships and encourages men to make sex a more attractive option for a woman by broadening their sexual techniques beyond intercourse.

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Dear Jane, I admire the work you have done. Phillip

I think your Awesome. Not afraid to say what you think. Robert

Love your pages, you really know how to get people off! You are Hot! Tim

Dearest Jane, Your Posts / Articles appearing here are Amazingly True, as found after discussing with my wife. Hearty Congrats. Dave

Thank you for creating a site where both women and men can learn and share experiences about the most basic of human needs. Ann

Your site has a lot of helpful information to help women feel more comfortable with their sexuality. I applaud your efforts. Gwen

Madam Jane Thomas, I can simply call you Professor Jane Thomas in Sexology for such a high levels of mastery in the subject and superb writings on science of sex. Chaitanya

I like what you’ve written here. I find it refreshing for someone to be so direct and honest in their approach. Your writing is easy to read, but very interesting. Glad I found this site… Vernon

Hi Jane, A quickie… Just a short message to thank you for your brutal candour and honesty. I’ve now read your Ways Women Orgasm book and loved it. Your regular posts etc are brilliant. Carlos

You show great courage in challenging the popular misconceptions and nonsense spread by the media or inspired by the political or ideological theory that men are the same as women when it comes to sex and sexual enjoyment or motivation. Steve

Love your work! Your research is so valuable to me! I just know your material is sound and necessary and I’m glad you’re out there! I will continue to see your videos for the content which is so necessary (especially for therapists) – it has helped me go more into depth with my clients. Thank you for sharing your research and wisdom.❤ Colleen