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Hi, I am Jane Thomas. I write about sex and sexuality.

I am passionate about combatting sexual ignorance. I make my work available via the internet to encourage discussion of the issues by the widest possible audience.

I try to bring some common sense to sex. I recommend a sense of humour and a sense of fun to couples who hope to enjoy an active sex life over decades together.

Ways Women Orgasm

Jane Thomas founded This book discusses women’s experiences in the context of the researchers findings. The focus is on helping women, and their lovers, who have not found answers elsewhere. Ways Women Orgasm explores the contradictions in our current interpretation of women’s sexuality and the unrealistic expectations we have for female orgasm.

Ways Women Orgasm presents real women’s sexual experiences:

  • What real women say: Real women respond very differently to how women are portrayed in pornography and other erotic fiction.
  • Orgasm techniques: A woman has to use erotic turn-ons (just as men do) to achieve the kind of sexual arousal that leads to orgasm.
  • The politics of sex: Women boast about orgasm as a male turn-on. These are not realistic accounts of how women truly orgasm.
  • Men & sex play: Women can make more of their sex lives by exploring techniques and ideas for more adventurous sex play.

Learn About Sexuality

Jane Thomas founded She discusses the research findings and suggests they may have been misinterpreted. Jane presents the anatomical and evolutionary precedents for sexual responsiveness. Learn About Sexuality provides a comparison of the orgasm techniques men and women use as well as the different sexual behaviours men and women employ.

Learn About Sexuality (to be published in 2021) provides information about sexuality:

  • Biological: reproduction, sex and gender; responsiveness, orientation and personality; and sexual anatomy & development of both sexes.
  • Emotional: engaging in intercourse; non-sexual intimacy; and our willingness to consent to sexual activity with others.
  • Intellectual: our motivation to explore sexual fantasies; masturbation alone; and how we can achieve orgasm alone and with a lover.
  • Social: interacting with others in return for payment or other non-relationship rewards; committed relationships; and sexual pleasuring.

Thanks to all those brave enough to comment!

Dear Jane, I admire the work you have done. Phillip

I think you’re Awesome. Not afraid to say what you think. Robert

Love your pages, you really know how to get people off! You are Hot! Tim

Dearest Jane, Your Posts / Articles appearing here are Amazingly True, as found after discussing with my wife. Hearty Congrats. Dave

Thank you for creating a site where both women and men can learn and share experiences about the most basic of human needs. Ann

Your site has a lot of helpful information to help women feel more comfortable with their sexuality. I applaud your efforts. Gwen

Madam Jane Thomas, I can simply call you Professor Jane Thomas in Sexology for such a high levels of mastery in the subject and superb writings on science of sex. Chaitanya

Keep fighting for the truth Jane, no matter how uncomfortable it may make people feel and how many taboos it challenges. The truth will always be appreciated eventually. OM Blackwell

I like what you’ve written here. I find it refreshing for someone to be so direct and honest in their approach. Your writing is easy to read, but very interesting. Glad I found this site… Vernon

Hi Jane, A quickie… Just a short message to thank you for your brutal candour and honesty. I’ve now read your Ways Women Orgasm book and loved it. Your regular posts etc are brilliant. Carlos

You show great courage in challenging the popular misconceptions and nonsense spread by the media or inspired by the political or ideological theory that men are the same as women when it comes to sex and sexual enjoyment or motivation. Steve

Love your work! Your research is so valuable to me! I just know your material is sound and necessary and I’m glad you’re out there! I will continue to see your videos for the content which is so necessary (especially for therapists) – it has helped me go more into depth with my clients. Thank you for sharing your research and wisdom.❤ Colleen