About Jane

Hi, I’m Jane Thomas. On this page, I thought I would write some notes about the things that I care about.

“I prefer old age to the alternative.” (Maurice Chevalier 1888-1972)

Vegetarianism (humane farming and a healthy lifestyle)

I have always loved good food but I prefer to eat vegetarian food. Of course, I’m soppy about animals but equally I have found that it is easier to keep in shape if I keep the fat and the calories down.

Self-belief (the power of believing in yourself)

Talents and abilities are one thing but the over-riding factor in success must be personal drive or self-motivation. Success in book-learning makes a person an academic. True intelligence encompasses our ability to make the most of our personal talents, to achieve personal contentment and to add value to the lives of those around us.

One of my father’s sayings that I have drawn great comfort from over the years was “Don’t let the buggers get you down!” Whenever I feel demoralised I remember that saying. It is so easy to criticise and how few people think to offer any praise. If you want to succeed then don’t listen to anyone telling you it’s not possible.

Spirituality (tolerance and compassion)

My father came from a privileged background. He was gay and never earned anything like as much as he spent. My mother was poor and uneducated. Mental illness meant that she had difficulties relating to men and family. The courts judged that neither would make a fit parent and so I was sent away to school. Later I concluded that my parents struggled to cope with everything that life threw at them. I was very fond of them and, loving my parents, helped me realise that morality should be less about judging others and more about us needing to accept people for what they are.

I respect other people’s religious beliefs and envy anyone who can draw comfort from the belief in a God of any religion. Perhaps because I had to be self-reliant during my childhood, I cannot believe that there is a super-being ready to guide, punish or reward us for our earthly exploits. I do believe in the power of the human spirit and in that sense, I personally believe that God is the power within each of us to stand up for good over evil. I don’t see faith as an excuse for complacent self-righteousness. So often our greatest weaknesses are apathy and inaction.

“For God’s hand may be a human hand, if you reach out in loving kindness, and God’s voice your voice, if you but speak the truth.” (Timothy Ferris author of ‘The Whole Shebang’)