… is dedicated to promoting the work of Jane Thomas, sex researcher and educator. The articles are based on Jane’s books (published by ‘Nosper Books’): ‘Ways Women Orgasm’ (2011), ‘Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’ (2013), ‘Sexuality & Sexual Techniques’ (2015) & ‘Learn About Sexuality’ (yet to be published).

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Women’s sexuality Women's sexuality The sexual responses of arousal and orgasm arise subconsiously. But sexual behaviours involve more conscious decisions: we choose how we will explore and enjoy our interaction with a lover. Sexuality & techniques Sexuality & techniques A modern interpretation of Kinsey’s work on male and female sexuality. Plus how couples can make their sex life even better by understanding men and women’s different sexual and emotional needs.
Ways Women OrgasmLink to WWO A separate site, ‘Ways Women Orgasm’ is dedicated to women’s enjoyment of sexual pleasure and orgasm. The forum discusses women’s orgasm techniques as well as ideas for exploring more adventurous sex play with a lover. Learn About SexualityLink to LAS A separate site, ‘Learn About Sexuality’ is dedicated to providing information about sexuality in the context of the sex research findings. Topics include the Biological, Emotional, Intellectual and the Social aspects of sexuality.

Hi, I am Jane Thomas. I write about sex and sexuality. I am passionate about combatting sexual ignorance.

I try to bring some common sense and logic to the discussion of sex and sexuality. I talk specifically about responsiveness (the frequency with which we experience orgasm) as well as how and when women orgasm.

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